The EDDYBOY is the ultimate atmosphere bringer during chilly summer evenings or cold winter days.
Make yourself comfortable on the bench and enjoy its nice radiant heat until the late hours.
You can also daydream next to the atmospheric glow of crackling flames.
And what about some barbecuing, wokking or roasting marshmallows over the fire?
Nothing beats sitting outside watching real flames - especially when it’s cold,
and definitely when you’re warmed.

The EDDYBOY set consists of a fire basket, a cabinet and a bench: the perfect symbiosis between warmth, design and functionality.
Thanks to the inventive design of the basket, you can easily adjust the temperature of the bench.
The cabinet contains the mechanism and also serves as a wood storage for many nights of stoking pleasure.
You can choose from various fresh colors to turn this bench into a real eyecatcher for your garden or terrace.
Go for flashy orange, yellow green, sky blue or melon yellow, or keep it to-the-point with white or dark grey.