Bar pour Boire, St-Jorispoort 19, 2000 Antwerpen

Bar pour Boire, St-Jorispoort 19, 2000 Antwerpen

I was cycling through town one cold evening when I saw several people sitting outside on a terrace, shivering in the cold while smoking their cigarettes and I thought: “if only they had a heated bench to sit upon”.

Thus the idea was born to let warmed up water circulate through a bench and using a fire basket as its heat source.

A bench was made, tested and adapted… and tested again ultimately resulting in the EDDYBOY.


With my love for design, engineering and metal I'd like to search for new techniques, forms and applications.
The Hydroformed Radiator is an example of this search.

In a search to deform sheet metal, this radiator was created as a side project.

Hydroforming is a design technique:
 this radiator is created by shaping the sheet metal with water under pressure.

Interested in seeing the EDDYBOY at work?

Bar Pour Boire, wine bar: Heated terrace, quality wines and chats in a cosy environment

Glamping Ecochique, camping: At the edge of the forest you can enjoy this luxury camping in all tranquillity. Determine the rhythm and experience this beautiful romance between comfort and nature.

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On a smaller scale, but still flying the flag for the environment, is Eduard Bartels who has produced an eco-novelty – heated outdoor benches. Apart from being rather useful in our inclement weather, the ‘Eddyboy’ benches are heated (up to 30˚C) from water which is sourced from things like dishwashers and central heating. The stylish benches are intended both for the catering and hospitality sectors and private use. Eduard says: “Many of us are familiar with those outdoor heated appliances used in restaurants and cafes but I think this offers something new and different. The costs are low and is it also energy-friendly so I guess it ticks all the boxes.” Read more

– Martin Banks   Together magazine JULY/AUGUST 2015 #60 pag. 53-55. 

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– Horeca Magazine nr 151 pag 111.

"Het water van de biopool legt een natuurlijk weg af naar de hottub waarna het dan weer via via in het verwarmde design zitmeubel van de EddyBoy zitbank belandt." Read more

— Christel 'de kriebel' Bedert, Juli 2015.

"Bij EcoChique gebeurt alles zoveel mogelijk ecologisch. Zo wordt de jacuzzi op een natuurlijke manier warm gehouden. Het warme water zorgt bovendien ook voorbankverwarming in de Eddyboy-banken die naast de jacuzzi staan. Om het met de woorden van Hannah Montana te zeggen: the best of both worlds!" 
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