A round table for 6 people, ideal for having a cosy meal, an aperitif... or just to relax.
No fixed spot for a folding table. It is being pushed to the ideal place of the moment. For breakfast it is close to the house, for lunch in the shade and for dinner delicious in the evening sun.
The table is suited for all weather conditions and very maintenance-friendly, due to its durable wooden table top and its stainless legs.
It is compact to store thanks to its ingenious table trestle, made out of bent stainless steel tubes.
This folding table saves place, is easy to transport and practical to stock.

Product specifications

A table for 6 people, diameter 120 cm, height 77 cm

Folded up: depth 15 cm, width 120 cm, height 132.5 cm

Weight: 30 kg

Easy to transport thanks to its compact design.

Delivery time: 6 to 8 weeks

Price: Starts from € 2450,-


The round table top is made of 2 cm durable solid wood (choice of padauk, iroko or teak).

The table trestle is made of pearled stainless steel and brushed brass.



Outdoor: The wooden table top will become naturally gray over time.

In or outdoor: Stocking the table or oiling the table top annually will help preserve its color.