EDDYBOY radiator

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Yes, radiators can be sexy.

A stylish radiator, made out of durable stainless.
 A combination of industrial engineering and craftsmanship.
Through the design and manufacturing process, every radiator has its own unique appearance.
Stylish eyecather in your space!

Product specifications

A radiator for every location,
height 40 cm, width 100 cm, depth 15 cm.
height 80 cm, width 50 cm, depth 15 cm.
Weight: 5 kg.
Content: About 3 liter of liquid.
The Eddyboy radiator can be heated through a heating element of 300 Watt
or by integration in the central heating system.
All connections are 1/2 “
Tested up to 20 bar.
Delivery time: 6 to 8 weeks
Garanteed: 5 year
Other measures on request.
Price on request.


The radiator is made out of stainless steel, material thickness 1 mm.
The Eddyboy radiator is available in three kinds of finish: polished, ceramic blasting or powder coated


Cleaning with stainless steel cleaner or soapy water when powder coated finished.
When connected to the central heating system, let the air out once a year.

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